Mazinaw Lake

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Fisheries Management Zone 18, Ontario


A third access point via Bon Echo Park is available during its open season from May until September. Expect to pay atleast for a day use fee when launching and parking here.

Access to the lake is easily found via road signs on Hwy 41. there are two boat launches on the lake. The access point in the south of the lake is free. both marinas have public access also. there should be no concern about launching larger pleasure craft or boats with large cabins it is very easy to get onto this lake

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Fishing With The Kids

Author: adleach11
Date: January 4th 2014

you should be lucky enough to be able to target Pan fish and bass as well as smaller pike in some of the shallower portions of the lake. Fishing with Kids on this lake is optimal especially if your staying at Bon Echo park which lends well to short travel times on the lake. Use Live, Minnows,Leeches or worms with bobbers or sinker rigs to target these fish and try to get out during the cooler portions of warmer mid summer days. !!

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Mazinaw Lake

Author: adleach11
Date: February 28th 2013

Mazinaw is one of Ontario's Deepest Lakes. It has an average depth of over 100feet. it is an Oligotropic lake so there are pleanty of exposed rock outcrops and boulder feilds, aswell as hard or rocky bottom. The lake is not busy during shoulder season and has very little boat traffic with the acception of the peak periods during the summer. boat traffic will affect fish activity. Target this lakes population of Lake trout in the spring in shallow water or troll in deeper water. this is definatly a lake that requires a down rigger or weighted fishing line while trolling. flat line trolling is fine when fish are active in shallow areas of the lake. The lake is divided into two sections lower Mazinaw is much more consistant in depth and shallower aswell. most of the fishing action takes place close to shore. between 10 and 50 feet of water. search for stucture or for suspended fish actily feeding on baitfish. THe area of the lake on both sides of the Narrows entering lower Mazinaw receives the most fishing pressure. Walleye/Pike and Small mouth bass are taken here. The land O' Lakes region is fairly remote and less populated then other parts of Ontario like the Haliburtan Highlands or Muskoka Lakes. its about three hours from Toronto and two hours south of Ottawa. this lake is great for oportunities if your passing through. Cloyne,NorthBrook and Denbigh are your closest communities, Bancroft and tweed are nearby but will require some driving time. there are no major ammenities in the area. restuarants are freqented mainly by locals. Ide expect to stay at a hotel during off peak times of the year, However Bon Echo Park provides for some great camping with an RV or tent. its a great place to bring a family aswell.

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Mazinaw Lake

Author: adleach11
Date: February 28th 2013

expect to target Lake Trout Walleye,Small mouth, large mouth bass and Northern Pike. Whitefish and lake herring amoung other panfish like Rockbass,Bluegill or pumpkinseed.

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