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March 23rd 2015
Jake fly fishing. Pennask Lake BC.
September 18th 2014
can you show how to get their from 97C
September 19th 2014
I can get you started at least. I haven't been in to pennask for years but was a regular back then. The turnoff from 97C is called Sunset Main. If you come from Merritt you will go right, if from Kelowna you go right off 97C and then quickly left to go under 97C. Sunset Main parallels 97C for a couple of kms then you come to a T at Bear Lake main. Turn left and you will again go under 97C. Stay on Bear Lake main for about 15k I think. If you are going to the campsite do not turn off if the sign says P.L. lodge - takes you to the other end of the lake. Campsite turnoff should be a couple kms past that. If you come to Hatheume Lake turnoff you have gone too far. Back in my day the P.L. campsite road was fairly rough - not sure if it is still the same. Hope this helps.
September 19th 2014
Here are directions from
To Pennask Lake:
From the Connector (Highway 97C) turn on to the Sunset Main Forest Service Road. Cross cattle guard and turn Left.
4.5 km: Stay straight
5.9 km: The main road stays to the right
6.3 km: Stay left towards the visible underpass under Hwy 97C
9 km: Stay right
10 km: Stay straight
12 km: Do not turn left here, continue 500 metres
12.5 km: Turn left. This is the beginning of the rougher road. It is 5.5 km to the user-maintained campsite along very rough road requiring high clearance.
Note: Early in the season or after heavy rains the road will have very large and deep puddles, as much as 40 feet long and 2-3 feet deep.
June 21st 2013

The FFSBC is gearing up for the first egg take of Pennask rainbow trout this week, with approximately 15,000 fish being held for spawning. Many fish will be released into the wild to spawn, with over 5500 sent upstream to spawn naturally to date as well. Birds of prey such as bald eagles and osprey have been hovering for a few weeks, ready for the feast of kelts as they exhaustedly make their way back to the lake in the coming weeks. Pennask strain rainbow are known throughout the province for their ability to fight and leap when fished for. Reports from the Lodge at Pennask Lake claim that some fish jump right into the boats. The eggs taken from the station at Pennask Creek will account for over 40% of the province's stocking needs. For more information, and for stocking reports, please visit
June 21st 2013
Caught and released 25-30 trout in the 200-350 gram range. All trout taken on black Spratley variations: black chenille bodies, silver tinsel, grizzly tails and throats with pheasant over wings and peacock herl heads. The most effective flies were fished with a full sinking line, and weighted with a gold bead head. There was a huge chironomid hatch coming off, the adults in huge swarms. Trout were slurping the larvae right off the surface, so suspending grey to green larvae patterns with white bead or dubbed heads would work as well. Dragonfly nymphs were coming out of the mud as well, dark brown and glistening. As fish were boiling on the surface, anchoring and casting caddis adults into their halos would be effective.
June 7th 2013
Rumour has it that this road is kept in poor condition to preserve the fishery, but regardless of the reason, the road is still quite an adventure in itself, never mind the famous Pennask Lake fishing.

If you're driving a car, do not even attempt this road. You need a 4x4 vehicle, a shovel and possibly a winch depending on how early you want to fish and how much rain the area has received. Puddles as of last week are 50-100' long with some over the hubs. The ground is hard-bottomed, so with consistent speed you won't get stuck in the puddles. The biggest risk is high-centering or denting/ scraping the bottom of your truck as you mosey down the road. Ruts are deep and rocks are plentiful. Two areas were washed out, and we ran through one section of snow. We did the road in a 2012 Toyota Tacoma and made it to the launch with no problems, save a bit of bottom-scraping. When we arrived at the launch/ campsite, there was another identical Toyota parked, packing up for the day. So, a smaller truck will make it just fine, but be prepared.

Pennask is artificial fly only, and recent reports from the Lodge have some anglers catching and releasing up to 40 trout a day.