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Cariboo Chilcotin Region, British Columbia


  • No fishing southeast of a line between signs on opposite shores of the bay at the mouth of Hallis Creek, Apr 1-May 31 Trout daily quota = 1

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    By: kbd635 ·May 6th 2015
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    By: apperry ·May 21st 2009
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    By: drarden ·August 28th 2008
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    By: jlong ·July 9th 2008
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    By: jlong ·July 9th 2008

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Dragon Lk

Author: salmoncandy
Date: March 16th 2015

Spent the day on the lake on the way back from Wiliams LK. We did ok this day caught maybe 5 or 6 around this size.

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Sept 2014

Author: djdaveb
Date: January 13th 2015

One of the 20 plus caught all about the same size, 26 inch 7lbs.Sept 2014

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Fall Day At Dragon

Author: gloomis1
Date: October 19th 2014

Went out for an October day of fishing at Dragon Lake in Search of one of the infamous hogs it is known to produce. Nothing of any size but lots of 18-20 inchers that put up a good fight.
Here is a short vid of some of our highlights last weekend

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Tales Of Trophy Fish

Author: AnglersAtlas
Date: June 17th 2014

Jerry Buron, a U.S. visitor, posted this update on spring fishing at Dragon:
I send you greetings again from the Canadian North Country to my many friends. Fishing continues to improve each day. We’re taking larger fish each day and some are taking greater numbers of fish each day. I seem to be stagnated at about 11 fish per day while some, like Jerry Harris, landed 29 fish yesterday. The campground at Robert’s Roost is now completely full with beach moorage getting more difficult each day.
Today was windy and considerably cooler than it’s been the past few days. Also the weather provided a fly fisher's worst enemy today with fairly significant winds.
Larry Siler had a friend fly in from Michigan into Quesnel yesterday. Larry set him up
with the basics and today Emmett Cosgrove landed the largest fish he’s ever taken on a fly rod. The photo of Emmett holding his 26-inch fish, which went approximately 6½ lbs., wasn’t bad for a beginner at Dragon Lake.
Believe it or not, it becomes very tiring to set out on a lake and fish for approximately 7 to 8 hrs. per day. I’m having trouble dragging my butt out of the rack each morning to go for my walk, which I refer to as my “fat-man shuffle!”
Don Jarman again landed a truly large fish again today. It measured 27 inches by 15 inches in girth. This fish, which unfortunately I wasn’t available to photograph, weighed in at 8 ¾ lbs. Truly a beautiful fish and a trophy by anyone’s standard.

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Great Day At Dragon Lake

Author: kbd635
Date: June 9th 2014

Camped at Roberts Roost and fished for 2 days. The first day was poor, but managed to get a good feel for the lake. The owner even gave me some lures from his personal tackle box to try to help our dry spell!
While we were concentrating on trolling, most people were fly fishing with chironomids and bobbers and were very successful with one being reported at 14lbs. I began cursing myself for not bringing my fly gear at this news!
I got chatting to a local and he suggested we fish with the smallest flatfish we had, from the Roberts Roost point, up to the island and to troll as slow as we could. Armed with a pink and white flatfish, no willow leaf, our first run resulted in 3 fish, including this 3 ½lbs and a 4lbs specimen.
We limited out within a couple of hours.

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Inspired By Dragon Lake

Author: AnglersAtlas
Date: June 14th 2013

From the Pacific Angler's Friday Fishing Reports: (http://pacificangler.ca/blog/friday-fishing-report-june-14th-2013/)

John Kent Feature Fly

The Interior Special

In 2005 mid May I got a phone call from a friend who was on Day 1 of 14 at Dragon Lake. He described a particular natural chironomid and asked me to design something and Fedex them up to him. His results were so fantastic that I made the Dragon Lake Special part of my commercial lineup.

I have had so many amazing days with this pattern on so many different lakes all across Western Canada. The fly has had too many name changes with the most recent being The Interior Special. It just flat out works so next season I will be providing stores with this pattern in three sizes.

It absolutely amazes me what you can do with two colours of thread, silver wire and a silver bead. Add to that a good shiny coating and this pattern outfishes some of the more intricate patterns in my box. I just had two amazing days with this pattern teaching a novice flyfisher to fish chironomids. We found a good spot on the lake that consisted of actively emerging naturals, good numbers of fish and a good mud bottom that was sparsely dotted with weeds. Young Jesse, who was on his third day flyfishing, let alone chironomid fishing, landed 15 and lost about the same number fighting them close to the boat.

At present I only sell this pattern in one size but after my results that will change. Have a look at The Interior Special and give ‘em a go


John Kent

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Good Reports From Dragon Lake

Author: NorthernHardware
Date: May 31st 2013

We've been hearing some great reports from Dragon Lake recently. Indicator fishing is really hot lately.

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Dragon Lake Open

Author: AnglersAtlas
Date: April 23rd 2013

Polar Coachmen report Dragon Lake is open.
Visit Robert's Roost website to see a live webcam.

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Out Of The Fog

Author: typical
Date: January 24th 2013

Started fishing on the lake in a heavy soupy fog.When the fog lifted my son caught this nice 6.5 rainbow on wet fly.

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How's It In The New Year?

Author: drahcirb
Date: January 3rd 2013

Hey. I'm debating coming down to target Kokanee in 10 Mile lake or Rainbow trout in Dragon. Hows the recent conditions? Any hot spots or certain bait I should know about? Thanks a lot!

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