About Our Maps

Angler's Atlas Maps

Angler's Atlas web service is designed to provide maps and associated data for fishing. The maps come in two forms: downloadable PDF's and downloadable GPS data.

PDF Maps

The free maps are available as PDF downloads, and also provided in conjunction with Googlemaps. This section includes our popular depth charts which showcase thousands of lakes across British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, as well as the topographic map series for Canada and the United States. Each of the maps are categorized based on specific lakes.

GPS Data

A number of lakes have user generated points included, such as boat launches, hot spots, warnings and other features. This data can be downloaded from the site to be used in GPS units or as a KML file that you can bring up in Google Earth.

Last Word

We have tried to design our site so that anglers can get to their maps as easily as possible but there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Before getting a map you need to login with the username and password that you signed up with.
  • Some map files are large and will take several minutes to download on a slow connection.

If you need to know more, you can always Contact Us.