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Angler's Atlas

Our mission is to create a resource centre for online anglers by providing detailed maps and related local content to our members. Membership is free and entitles you to download any of our depth charts and GPS data at no cost.

The Angler's Atlas started in 1999 with just a few maps around Prince George (central British Columbia, Canada) and now boasts of having over 80,000 maps across Canada and the United States.

The most detailed areas of coverage are in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, where we provide thousands of depth charts (bathyemtric maps) and topographic maps> In addition to our own content, we also rely on our members to contribute their own photos, comments and map markers for many of the lakes in our catalogue.

We now work with a range of partners, from tackle shops to fishing resorts to our very active members in order to generate more relevant content for our entire community. If you would like to become part of our recognized partners please get in touch with the Publisher, Sean Simmons. It's a great way to showcase your services and establish yourself as one of our local experts.

The Company

The Angler's Atlas is owned by Goldstream Publishing Incorporated, a publishing company based in Prince George, British Columbia. Sean Simmons started The Angler's Atlas in 1999 from his base in Prince George. Sean's love of freshwater started at an early age spending most of his summer swimming or fishing. At university he continued to follow his freshwater passion, completing a Masters of Environmental Science at the University of Northern British Columbia studying Tabor Lake. After graduating he began publishing fishing maps of lakes and to this day continues to promote the freshwater world. Someday he may even find time to get out fishing!

Meet Our Team

Sean Simmons
Kathy Buhler
Production Coordinator
Jamie Svendsen
Data Manager
Clayton Green
Joel Knudsen
Matt McLean
Raja Gunasekaran
Alison Warner
Marketing and Production
Jane Gauthier
Sales and Marketing