Monday, 2nd of March 2015

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Steelhead Fishing Picks Up

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Monday the 2nd of March 2015 at 7:21pm
Submitted in: Vancouver Island Region

Highlights from Pacific Outfitters' weekly overview of Island fishing, posted at
Winter chinook fishing has been good and fish up to mid teens were caught this past week. Halibut fishing was good — there was a 45-pounder caught off Contance Bank.
Fishing for winter springs was good off Victoria. Anglers have been catching chinooks both close to shore and out at Constance Bank. During the week the bank produced lots of nice springs ranging from 10–20 lbs. Although there were nice fish caught, seals remained a big problem this week. Esquimalt, Brotchie and Clover Point also produced fish this week. Anchovies have been working well in glow colours outside the harbour. Good choices in plastic baits are the Cloverleaf, Purple Haze and the Glo Below. Gibbs Coho Killer, Kingfisher and Coyote spoons in green and glow colours have been very effective.
Fishing is fair on most lakes in the south Island area. The weather has gotten warmer so fishing is slowly improving. Although not many fish are being caught, some of those are big ones. Winter-run steelhead fishing has been picking up.
The Cowichan River is still dropping. The steelhead fishing has been good and some large fish were caught and released. The Riverbottom area has remained the best area to fish, but there are steelies in all parts of the river now. For steelhead, good lures to fish are Spin ‘n Glo’s, Corkies, Gooey Bobs, Jigs and the always reliable Pink Worm. Although many anglers are successful catching winter runs on flies, most anglers chose to use floats and gear. The trout fishing in the upper river is excellent. We’ve also heard of some large wild sea run brown trout being picked up as incidental catches. There are rainbows, cutthroats and resident brown trout that are actively feeding on salmon eggs. Salmon egg imitations are the go-to lures for trout.

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Big Show In The Valley

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Monday the 2nd of March 2015 at 7:09pm
Submitted in: Lower Mainland Region

The B.C. Boat and Sportsmen’s Show and the B.C. Hunting Show are returning to Tradex in Abbotsford, March 6-8. This is a one-stop shopping event with hundreds of exhibitors featuring a wide variety of fishing, boating, camping, hunting, and outdoor products and services.
This year’s show will include more than 275 exhibitors and seminars with a series of dynamic presentations taking place on three different stages throughout the weekend! Presenters will speak on a range of different topics, drawing from their backgrounds in hunting, fishing and more.
Featured presenters include:
• Paul Beasley, Co-host of Canada in the Rough
• Phil Rowley, Fly Craft Angling Adventures
• Kevin Henderson, Kayak Fishing Professional
• Todd Oishi, Champion of Canadian Competitive Fly-fishing
Mariko Izumi, Host of the World Fishing Network’s Hookin’ Up
• Vic Carrao, STS Guiding Service
• Johnny Mac, Shake, Rattle & Paddle
• Garry Elgear, Riverside Fly & Tackle
• Linda Cline, Someday Retrievers Dog Training Academy
• Chris Speed, Captain, Built for Speed Fishing Charters
• Dean Trumbley, Co-host of Trigger Effect
• Rod Toth, Bent Rods Guiding and Tackle Co.
• Elaine Ness, African Dreams Hunting and Photo Safaris Inc.
Also at the show, visitors will have a chance to enter to win some exciting door prizes, with a 2015 Sea-Doo Spark 900 2-Up as the grand prize, courtesy of Greater Vancouver Powersports and BRP. Additional prizes include a fishing prize package for two consisting of two nights’ accommodation at Stoney Lake Lodge with all meals included; and a Cariboo Truck/Camper Getaway package including a 4-day truck and camper rental, sponsored by RV Rental Association of Canada and presented by Camping & RV in B.C.

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First Time Fishing With My Son

Submitted by: chaluga
Submitted on: Saturday the 28th of February 2015 at 11:29am
Submitted in: SASAMAT LAKE First time fishing with my son

Went to sasamat this morning and after 2 hours we hit son caught his first fish and we were both excited. It took awhile to recover then swam away. My son is hooked !

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Fat Perch A Payoff For -30C

Submitted by: valleybassman
Submitted on: Wednesday the 25th of February 2015 at 7:20pm
Submitted in: White Lake Fat perch a payoff for -30C

It's been a long, cold winter so far, but I finally managed to get out for a fish. The weatherman said it was going to be -8C, no wind and sunny.
My friend Nathan and I headed out that morning at 8 a.m. The temperature before I left the house said -24C and with the wind, felt more like -30C. We headed to a spot on White Lake in Zone 18 that Nathan said was his top-secret, guaranteed fish-catching spot. We parked the car, unloaded our tip-ups, lures and ice auger. I had stopped in to see my buddy Keith at Gourley's the day before and picked up a dozen small and a dozen medium minnows. It was a short 10-minute jaunt out to the "spot," where we kicked off about a foot of snow until we reached the frozen lake. The gas auger made short work of the hard water and within minutes we were cleaning out holes and setting up tip-ups.
The first few hours were cold. The wind seemed to cut right through my clothing and seemed to chill me right to the bone. we set up 3 tip-ups and I started jigging with my ugly stick ice fishing rod using a Sebile Vibrato jig in an orange, gold and black pattern (gold shiner). White Lake has gold shiner minnows naturally. I jigged for about 40 minutes before I had to take shelter in the nearby bush to get out of the wind.
By early afternoon, the sun had started to play hide and seek and the temperature had warmed up a little bit. We were sitting on the shoreline chatting when the first tip-up went off, sending the flag straight up in the air and setting off an audible alarm that Nathan had made. We both took off towards the tip-up and got there just about the same time. We had to chip the ice to free it up and bring it out of the hole. We grabbed the line to feel if there was any weight on the other end. Pulling the line slowly and gently, the other end felt no different than when we had first put the minnow on the hook and put the tip-up in the hole. We pulled all the line up until the medium-sized minnow could be seen just under the water, checked if it was still swimming and set the tip-up back to the 10-foot depth we had it set to before.
For the next hour and a half, almost one right after the other, the flags raised their flag hands to let us know there was possibly something on the other end. Every time we pulled the tip-up out and felt for weight — nothing. We even pulled up a couple tip-ups only find that out minnow had been skillfully removed from the hook by some crafty fish. By this point we were getting a little more than frustrated. I think we basically went through every fish in our heads trying to figure out what it could be. We finally decided to throw one of the small minnows on to see if we could entice one of these aqua thieves to take the bait. It didn't take long.
Nathan watched his wooden tip up bob up and down ever so slightly when all of a sudden it took a sharp dive down. He ran over, grabbed the top of the tip up and pulled up. This time there was something other than a minnow on the other end. He pulled up one of the chunkiest perch I have ever seen. His belly was wider than his back and it was about 8 inches long. We finally knew the identity of the culprit that had been setting off the tip-ups and figured there had to be more. We changed out the medium minnows for small ones and proceeded to pull in big, chubby perch after big, chubby perch.
We only had a short time until we had to leave due to prior commitments but it was definitely the most fun, action-packed part of the day and we both regretted leaving and promised to try again on a day we were free from sun up to sun down. The weatherman was way off on his weather prediction. Good thing Nathan wasn't off about his secret spot.

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Steelies Spread Throughout River

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Monday the 23rd of February 2015 at 6:53pm
Submitted in: Vedder River

A Vedder/Chilliwack river update from Fred's Custom Tackle,
"The river is in great shape and dropping steadily. It has finally dropped back down to normal levels and clarity is 2-3 feet. Fish are spread throughout the river because of the recent high water. We are looking forward to a beautiful week of good weather and chrome steelhead."

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Weather's On Our Side

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Monday the 23rd of February 2015 at 6:44pm
Submitted in: Lower Mainland Region Weather's on our side

A Feb. 17 report from Jason at Bonchovy Fishing Charters,
The spring-like weather looks like it has returned to stay for a while. We have been on the water a lot over the last handful of days and had some good fishing on our longer full-day trips and hit-and-miss fishing on our shorter charters.
All of the usual winter chinook areas are producing fish right now. Vancouver Harbour, the Gulf Islands and Howe Sound have all had their moments.
There have been good amounts of bait around and, typically, persistence working the bait and structure is paying off with results. It looks like this unseasonably warm weather is going to continue for quite a while. It is going to make for some excellent fishing conditions over the next week. Be sure to bring your sunscreen and your t-shirts.
We have had a lot of our success on smaller Gibbs Delta G Force spoons and Coho Killers this week. Our favourite Gibbs Delta Guide Series flashers have been working as usual (STS, Bon Chovy, Lemon Lime, Madi). We have lots of gear in our pro shop. Please stop by for the right gear and advice for local waters!

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Whirl Bay A Spring Hot Spot

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Monday the 23rd of February 2015 at 6:34pm
Submitted in: Vancouver Island Region

Highlights from Island Outfitters' weekly outlook of Feb. 22 posted at
Winter chinook fishing has been good and fish up to mid teens were caught this past week. Halibut fishing was good. There was a 36-pounder caught off Discovery Island.
Salmon fishing was quite good in East Sooke. This past week, chinooks as large as 18+ lbs. were weighed in at Cheanuh Marina. Once again, most of the fish were caught either in Whirl Bay, off the Bedfords side of Becher Bay. The largest weighed 18.5 lbs. and was caught in Whirl Bay. Bruce Paterson landed a 14-lb. spring in Whirl Bay on Saturday, Feb. 21. Most fish were caught trolling in 130 to 160 feet of water. Purple Haze and Green Glow were the most productive teaser heads for anchovies. That said, spoons and plastic baits have also been working well. Spoons such as G-Force in the smaller sizes have been working as well, both in No Bananas or Glow/Green. Squirts are working too, with Pistachio, Purple Haze and Glow white the best patterns. For flashers, the Madi and the Purple Onion have been very good lately.

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Pike Invasion

Submitted by: bendandi
Submitted on: Saturday the 21st of February 2015 at 6:29am
Submitted in: Baptiste Lake

There is a massive pike invasion! What can we do?

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Learn To Fish On Ice

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Friday the 20th of February 2015 at 7:24pm
Submitted in: Okanagan Region

This was posted Feb. 9 at
Over the past three years various Okanagan angling groups have been focused on promoting fishing to young families within the community. Getting young families out and introduced to fishing no doubt has numerous benefits! Not only do the youth get outside and away from today’s technology that tends to keep them from outdoor activity; but it also helps sustain our fisheries by improving license sales in which the revenues go towards fish stocking programs and fisheries management.
This year BC Fishn' media ( the BC Wildlife Federation and multiple fish and game clubs partnered up with Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC ( and the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources to host two Learn to Ice Fish events in the Okanagan. These free community events were part of the Learn to Fish Program Initiative that are designed to introduce participants to recreational fishing throughout British Columbia.
This year the two events were hosted on the Okanagan, one at Yellow Lake on Jan. 24and one at Beaver Lake on Feb. 7. Thanks to the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC sponsor, Rapala Canada, each person was equipped with a ice fishing rod, reel and bait to use for the day. On the ice, numerous experienced volunteers provided mentorship to the kids to help them learn how to ice fish. Thanks to the event’s sponsor, Cabela’s Canada, ice fishing tents equipped with underwater cameras where provided for the kids to get a fish-eye view of the underwater world! Each time a fish swam by the cameras it created much excitement and thrill throughout!

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Cutthroat Season Around The Bend

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Friday the 20th of February 2015 at 7:10pm
Submitted in: Lower Mainland Region

Pacific Angler's weekly outlook for the south coast from Feb. 20, posted at
"Sun and steady temperature are the story for most of this week. While it is still warmer than seasonal average, it is a touch cooler than we have seen in the last few weeks. This should mean some changes for a number of our river fisheries. Things look good for this weekend but we expect water levels to drop next week and we could see some of the first low and clear conditions of the season. Take a look at the river reports for more details on how to tackle these changes. Also look out for Andre’s first cutthroat update of the season! It is still early for cutthroat fishing but we are already seeing the odd fry hiding in the rocks. If the warm weather continues, it should get good soon. The first batch of Andre's custom-made epoxy fry are in stock, hurry in to pick yours up before they are sold out!
Saltwater fishing has been interesting with some good-size fish being caught' so make sure to check out the full saltwater report."

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