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Lake Of The Day June 25: Birch Lake, AB

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Submitted on: Monday the 6th of July 2015 at 12:59pm
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Birch Lake, south of Rocky Mountain House, is known as a great ice fishing lake for brook trout, though anglers can find quality fishing year-round. Brook trout are generally a cool-water species. They are more active from late fall into early winter, but fishing can be uncertain at this time of year.

In contrast, January or February are better times of year because brookies tend to be more active than other trout during the winter. Spawning activity takes place around October.

Summer fishing for brook trout can be more challenging. Spoons are attractive choices since their wobbling motion captures their interests. For larger trout, minnow-shaped lures are good choices.


Birch Lake lies south of Rocky Mountain House. Follow Hwy. 22 for 37 km to the junction with Hwy. 54. Turn left and continue for another five kilometres to a side road on the right. This is the turnoff to Burnstick Lake and it also leads to Birch Lake. Continue for about 10 km to an oil and gas service road on the right that leads to the lake. Innisfree Recreation Park offers unserviced campsites.

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Lake Of The Day June 25: Golden Lake, ON

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Submitted on: Monday the 6th of July 2015 at 12:53pm
Submitted in: Golden Lake Photo thumbnail: Lake of the Day June 25: Golden Lake, ON

Golden Lake has some beautiful depth contours that make it ideal for bass and pike. Angler’s Atlas member adleach wrote several posts about Golden Lake on the Angler’s Atlas website: “I spent a few hours in the afternoon scouting the northwest stretch of the lake, from the Bonnechere River Launch Point to Brudenall Creek. The water temperature sub-surface was 56 degrees Celsius, wind direction was from the southeast, the sky was completely cloud-covered and the air temperature was below 20 degrees.

"I was targeting pike. I was able to find several groups of fish on the sonar, most of which were either on the bottom or sus- pended over the bottom in 20 to 25 feet of water. I casted spinner baits in 10 feet of water and jigged a north land forage shiner with only one strike. On my return trip, I dragged a shiner on a bottom bouncer in 20-26 feet of water where I was able to mark several dozen fish near bottom.

“People fishing from a weir at the Bonnechere river were able to hook several fish moving into the system, and one person, after five or six hours of fishing, was able to land a 6 lbs. northern, still fishing with a suspended minnow on a slip bobber." As well, adleach posted several map markers listing everything from hot spots to warnings.


Golden Lake is about 50 km west of Renfrew. Follow Highway 60 to access the lake. Golden Lake Park campground offers accommodation on the lake. Algonquin Provincial Park is also nearby. Visit for more information or for park maps.

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Lake Of The Day June 24: Weslemkoon Lake, ON

Submitted by: Writeup
Submitted on: Monday the 6th of July 2015 at 12:48pm
Submitted in: Weslemkoon Lake Photo thumbnail: Lake of the Day June 24: Weslemkoon Lake, ON

Weslemkoon Lake is one of Ontario's top 10 bass fishing destinations, a pretty lake with plenty of opportunities to see some action, whether by fishing from shore or by boat.

Through there are many cottages on the lake, it is far enough from the well-trodden path that it does not have the fishing pressure of many southerly lakes.

This clean, spring-fed lake also holds a genetically distinct natural population of lake trout. Bass in the 3 to 5 lb. range are common in Weslemkoon. The season opens in mid-June. There are also ample pan fish, including perch, bluegill and cisco.

Try fishing the islands, inlets, submerged logs, deep holes, and rocky shoals, where fish like to find cover. Bait such as crank bait in orange of green with a chartreuse belly, or crayfish, or worm and frog imitations cast into the weeds, seem to work well.


Weslemkoon Lake is located in the township of Addington Highlands about 110 km north of Belleville. To get to the south end, drive 50 minutes southeast of Bancroft, follow Highway 62 south and turn left onto Weslemkoon Lake Road. To reach the north end, follow Highway 28 east, turn right onto Mayo Lake Road, then right on Harstmere Road until reaching the lake.

There are three marinas on the lake, two at the south end of the lake and one at the northern tip.

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Lake Of The Day June 24: Lake Erie, ON -Port Colborne

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Submitted on: Monday the 6th of July 2015 at 12:40pm
Submitted in: Lake Erie Photo thumbnail: Lake of the Day June 24: Lake Erie, ON -Port Colborne

Port Colborne, along the Niagara Peninsula’s south coast between the Niagara and Grand rivers, is famous for its outstanding fishing year-round. The town is an entry point for both Lake Erie and the Upper Niagara River, with its reputation for bass angling between June and November. The town offers two full-service marinas, tackle and bait stores and fish-cleaning stations. Port Dover to Port Colborne has been ranked as a hot spot for Ontario fishing for smallmouth bass, walleye and yellow perch. Use shallow cranks and spinners.

As well, fly fishing for bass is popular. Try sculpin style streamers in white, black, olive and white/silver, weighted crayfish patterns in root beer, tan, and olive and poppers in black, orange and yellow. Also make sure your rod is heavy enough. Generally a six weight rod should be fine. Fly fishers will also want to have both floating and sinking lines and patterns.

The most common method for going after walleye, steelhead and coho is to troll plugs or spoons using a downrigger for depth. Increase your trolling depth as the season progresses, the lake water warms and the fish move deeper, as much as 6-8 km offshore. Be wary of winds that can whip up the lake in no time. Small boats are not recommended.

Pier and wharf fishing is most productive in the fall when the water cools again. Fly fishing from the sandy shores along the coast has also grown in popularity. Like pike, walleye will take almost any bait in spring when they’re hungrier, but summers can be more challenging. While we don’t recommend night fishing in Lake Erie, walleye do tend to be more active during cover of darkness. They also tend to favour cloudy or rainy days, and windy conditions. Again, be very careful on the lake when it’s windy.

Springtime is also the most productive time to fish for crappie, bluegill, catfish, perch and pike. Summer fishing tournaments include the 444 International Walleye Tournament. One of the most popular on the lake, it’s organized by the Port Colborne and District Conservation as an event for amateur and professional anglers alike.

Sugarloaf Harbour Marina hosts one-day derbies throughout the summer. "A lot of people fish from the marina,” writes MK, posting on iFishontario. com. “There’s carp behind the ice cream shack and probably bass.” The relatively shallow waters of Lake Erie (averaging about 20 metres) result in more rapid warming and cooling. This means ice comes and goes faster than on the other Great Lakes. Ice fishing in the harbour is good for perch and the occasional pike. If the ice isn't thick enough to venture out, try the marina, where perch are often caught.

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Lake Of The Day June 24: McLeod-Carson Lake, AB

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Submitted on: Monday the 6th of July 2015 at 12:10pm
Submitted in: MCLEOD LAKE Photo thumbnail: Lake of the Day June 24: McLeod-Carson Lake, AB

McLeod Lake, in Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park, is a popular and consistent fishing lake. The campground and easy fishing access right from shore make this a great family spot as well. Also known as Carson Lake, the lake is well stocked historically, receiving more than 100,000 rainbow trout anually.


McLeod Lake is located north of Whitecourt. Follow Hwy. 43 west to Hwy. 32 and turn right. The turnoff to Carson Pegasus Provincial Park is approximately 12 km down the highway on the right side of the road. McLeod Lake lies another five kilometres down this side road and offers a boat launch and overnight camping. The park is open all year and has both serviced and un-serviced campsites. For more information or for a park map, visit the Alberta Parks website at

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Twelve Kokanee On Kalamalka

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Monday the 6th of July 2015 at 11:51am
Submitted in: KALAMALKA LAKE

Reel Fishing Adventures spent a glorious day at Kalamalka Lake, catching "12 kokanee, eight were 14-16 inches long. We used Cowichan blades with black wedding rings baited with pink maggots at 35-39 feet." They also landed a lake trout on a black and chrome Apex at 130 feet. According to their report, "surface lake temperature varied from 19 to 22 degrees."

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Muncho Lake Getaway

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Monday the 6th of July 2015 at 11:49am
Submitted in: MUNCHO LAKE

Looking to get away from it all? Head north to Muncho Lake. Its jewel-toned waters and stunning backdrop of snow-capped rugged mountains will have you wondering if you should be reaching for the camera or the fly rod. Cory Koenig, owner of Webflyz BC, says that fishing Muncho Lake "is one of the best experiences any angler would enjoy." How best to enjoy it? Stay in a lakeshore cabin at Northern Rockies Lodge.

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Open For The Season

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Monday the 6th of July 2015 at 11:48am
Submitted in: TESLA LAKE Photo thumbnail: Open for the Season

Lakes District Air and Fishing, based out of Burns Lake, is open for the season. Their first guests chartered a plane out to the lodge on Tesla Lake in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park last week and they landed a beauty rainbow trout, pictured here.

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Fishing On The Elk River Is Hot, Hot, Hot

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Monday the 6th of July 2015 at 11:46am
Submitted in: Kootenay Region

Head out to the Elk River! Kootenay Fly Shop and Guiding, based out of Fernie, reports that the "Elk River is fishing hot, hot, hot. I have not seen the dry fly fishing on the Elk River this good for over ten years. Golden Stone flies, Yellow Sally's and Skwalas are everywhere during the day and evenings. The best flies are the Royal Wulff and Western green drakes in big sizes 8,10."

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Bowron Lakes Circuit Paddle Trip

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Monday the 6th of July 2015 at 11:45am
Submitted in: BOWRON LAKE

For anyone seeking an adventure, try the Bowron Lakes circuit, a world-renowned canoe/kayak trip. Best of all, you start and end in the same spot, Bowron Lake. The trip completes a full circuit spanning ten lakes and 116 kms. Take four days or, to really relax, take eight days and make sure to cast a line in Wolverine Bay on Isaac Lake. For more reservations, visit Discover Camping BC.

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