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Lake Of The Day May 22: Opinicon Lake, ON

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Friday the 22nd of May 2015 at 10:29am
Submitted in: Opinicon Lake Lake of the Day May 22: Opinicon Lake, ON

Opinicon Lake is 40 kilometres northeast of Kingston and is part of the Rideau canal system. There are many species of fish in this lake, but largemouth bass is a favourite among anglers. Primary habitat to seek out are areas with low hanging trees along the shoreline, especially undercut banks.

Also try fishing the weed beds and anchoring along shoals. There are many great fishing holes in the lake, and two favourite areas are around Eight Acre Island and Deadlock Bay.

The fishing season for largemouth bass opens the last Saturday in June and runs until October. The best time to go after this species is July and August, noting that evening (especially at dusk) is especially productive.

A few top water lures to try at Opinicon Lake are Hula Poppers and Crazy Crawlers. Another popular lure is the 'Rebel Pop-R,' which works well over weed beds and shoals. The lake also offers excellent fly fishing.


From the town of Smiths Falls, drive south on Highway 15. Turn right on RR 9 and head for Chaffey's Locks. From Kingston, drive 30 km north on Perth Road (Highway 10). Look for the right-hand turn north of Perth Road Village. For a small fee, you can launch at the Opinicon Hotel ramp. The hotel is 9 km down RR 9.

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Lake Of The Day May 21: Dolberg Lake, AB

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Thursday the 21st of May 2015 at 12:02pm
Submitted in: DOLBERG LAKE Lake of the Day May 21: Dolberg Lake, AB

Dolberg Lake is a popular fishing spot northwest of Barrhead. Each year, the lake is stocked with 18,000 rainbow trout, helping to sustain a thriving fishery. Bait is permitted in Dolberg Lake and trout will often key in on shrimp or maggots, particularly for ice fishing.

"Good little lake, good fishing," writes Angler’s Atlas user martin78. "[I] will definitely be back.” Another Angler’s Atlas user, lancetay, jokes, “there are no fish here, nothing to see, move along,” while holding a fat 6- to 8-lb. rainbow. iFish Alberta user Dickweed reports “nice rainbows, power bait marshmallows and pink or green trout power bait, on snell hook and bobber, just keeping it easy for the kids.”

Some of the best fishing here is in the fall. Fly fishing can be particularly productive when the waterboatmen are hatching.


Located northwest of Edmonton. Take Hwy. 16 west to Highway 43, and turn right. Continue along this road for 25 km to Hwy. 33, and turn right. Follow this route 43 km north to Barrhead, then
west along Hwy. 18 to secondary Hwy. 655, roughly 18 km from the town.

Turn right onto Hwy. 655 and follow it about 25 km. Hwy. 655 takes a sharp turn left at about 3 km, then follows a straight line to the lake, where there is a boat launch.

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Lake Of The Day: Antler Lake, BC

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Wednesday the 20th of May 2015 at 4:57pm
Submitted in: ANTLER LAKE

Pretty little Antler Lake, while not that deep or large, supports a thriving fishery. This popular spot just north of Gold River works well for a quick evening troll or a weekend getaway.

Antler Lake offers abundant habitat in the form of shoals and aquatic plants, particularly at the southeast end at Yellow Pond, an ideal location to start your search. Both cutthroat and rainbows are present in Antler Lake; the cutthroat are native, and the catchable-sized rainbows are stocked.

The best time to fish Antler Lake is in the spring. Early fall is productive too, as the fish intensify their activity and feeding. All sorts of lures work well here, and your best bet is to stock your standards, though at times the cutthroat will prefer larger lures or Flatfish. Kwikfish or small spoons are good bets as well.

For those casting or trolling flies on Antler Lake, there are a number of reliable patterns to have on hand. Leeches are always promising. Damsel and dragonfly nymph patterns work well for mid-summer. Caddisflies and sedges are also good mid-season patterns. Later in the season, egg patterns can work wonders.

General searching fly patterns, such as Woolly Buggers, Careys, Halfbacks and the Spratleys imitate a range of food sources for rainbow and cutthroat trout. They make excellent attractors any time of the year. The flies can be trolled with a full-sink line close to the bottom.


Antler Lake is located 3 km north of Gold River off the Gold River Main Rd. (also known as East Rd. and Hwy. 28). Turn right at the fork in the road before the bridge. There is a cartop boat launch beside the lake and a picnic site. Power boats are not allowed. Camping is avail- able at Muchalet Lake, about 8 km further up the road towards Woss, or at the Peppercorn RV Park in Gold River.

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Lake Of The Day: Gwillim Lake, BC

Submitted by: AnglersAtlas
Submitted on: Wednesday the 20th of May 2015 at 10:42am
Submitted in: GWILLIM LAKE

Gwillim Lake is northwest of Tumbler Ridge. This deep, cold lake is home to many species of fish, and anglers will have no shortage of opportunities here.

Gwillim Lake offers a good deal of variety. The lake supports a good lake trout fishery, while whitefish and arctic grayling are also popular choices for anglers. The lake trout in Gwillim Lake can be an exciting challenge for anglers. When going after lake trout, use big spoons and Rapalas, fishing the drop-offs.

Arctic grayling are another species present in Gwillim Lake. These fish prefer moving water and will tend to feed withthe current. Grayling will often take to flies, as they feed almost entirely on insects. They will sit and wait for food, preferring to ambush their prey rather than chase it. Try casting upstream and retrieve back with the current, imitating natural insect patterns.

Gear fishers may want to try spinners and small spoons. Copper and silver can be good colour choices. This gear can also be used for targetting whitefish. These are predatory fish, and gear resembling small trout in colour and action may produce the best results. Whitefish will also feed on insects. Fly fishers may want to try mayfly patterns, however, have a look around and determine what else may be hatching. Whitefish feed in shallower areas of lakes. Early spring or fall is the best time to target this species.

Please consult the BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations before heading out. There is a bait ban in effect on Gwillim Lake. Also, please review quota information for all species.

Do you have information about fishing Gwillim Lake? Visit the Angler’s Atlas page for Gwillim Lake and let us know!


Gwillim Lake is situated within Gwillim Lake Provincial Park. From Chetwynd, drive south on Highway 29, 56 kilometres to the park. The turn will be on your left (east). The park contains 49 campsites and a boat launch, and facilities are wheelchair accessible.

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Submitted by:
Submitted on: Tuesday the 19th of May 2015 at 8:07pm
Submitted in: FAWCETT LAKE, Canada, Alberta, Northern Boreal - Zone 2

Lots of pike.

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Record 14.5lb Yellow Eye

Submitted by: WestviewMarina
Submitted on: Tuesday the 19th of May 2015 at 4:24pm
Submitted in: Esperanza Inlet Record 14.5lb Yellow Eye

Ray from Red Deer, AB, was fishing near Tatchu Pt. on the north side of Esperanza Inlet. He caught a record 14.5 lb. yellow eye.

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Esperanza 4-Pack

Submitted by: WestviewMarina
Submitted on: Tuesday the 19th of May 2015 at 4:02pm
Submitted in: Tahsis Inlet Esperanza 4-Pack

An early season 4-pack caught near Esperanza, BC. The ling, hali, and spring each weighed in at 17 lbs.
Caught on May 17, 2015.

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52lb. Halibut

Submitted by: WestviewMarina
Submitted on: Tuesday the 19th of May 2015 at 3:58pm
Submitted in: Tahsis Inlet 52lb. Halibut

Deven from Estevan, Sask. with his 52 lb. halibut caught last week.

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Halibut All Around

Submitted by: WestviewMarina
Submitted on: Tuesday the 19th of May 2015 at 3:50pm
Submitted in: Tahsis Inlet Halibut All Around

Alberta boys return again for the 8th year running. Limits of hali all around.
Caught on May 16, 2015.

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Submitted by: yimmy5
Submitted on: Monday the 18th of May 2015 at 9:21pm
Submitted in: YELLOW LAKE Rainbows

Then a nice after dinner rainbow

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